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Artists: 58 boys, 58 girls, aged 7-14 years old.

Origin: Denmark(30), Germany(12), Russia(30), Tanzania(15), USA(30)

Number Description Age Gender Origin
002 This robot is strong and funny. He can fly with super boots. He lives in the agency with other robots. 9 Boy Russia
004 This robot can transform from a bunny (with fur) to maybe a little person who does just what I want her to. The tiny girl would also be someone cool to hang out with or someone who you can trust. The tiny girl would also know how to be a great friend and would adapt to you at first sight. The girl also does all of your chores perfectly, super fast. The girl's name is Ruby (?). If they make more than one, each girl will have a different name. 11 Girl USA
008 My robot is very kind and clever. He can walk, talk and dance. My robot always helps me. 9 Girl Russia
010 Emily is my sister and she can do your homework and make your breakfast also can give you a lot of candy. P.S. She likes to sing 12 Girl USA
014 This robot can dance, sing, and talk. He is very cheerful and kind. He can walk with you, have fun and play, and also he can ride a skateboard. 10 Girl Russia
015 This robot is cool. He is able to clean, have fun, laugh, and he lives at home. He knows all all all. 10 Boy Russia
016 This robot can fly and swim and has wheels on its "feet." 10 Girl USA
017 He is good and kind. He can dance, run, and walk. He lives on [address omitted]. It is necessary to buy all things free for him. 7 Boy Russia
019 My robot is cheerful, hardworking, and intelligent. M robot lives in Tomsk. My robot can write, draw, sing, dance, and he can even play the piano. 10 Girl Russia
022 Easter loves to treat people fairly. She loves to do anything that humans do. She loves to set trends. 10 Girl USA
024 She loves nature, living at home, and watering the flowers and trees. 8 Boy Russia
025 * Has a compartment to keep stuff & secrets & info about me.* Watches T.V.* Gets wheels when you press a button once. Press two times on its metal button.* Has a button to help me with homework.* Talks to me all the time, understands my moods & listens to me.* It is nice at first but mean when gets hit 3 times.* It lives with me.* Press one button & it gives me a massage.* He goes to sleep when I press a button. 9 Girl USA
027 He is funny, sensitive, cheerful, runs fast, and sings songs in a playhouse. He's a robot man. He has always his opinion. He likes to read books and likes gifts. 8 Girl Russia
033 He is evil. He shoots, flies over the roof and down the street [address omitted]. He likes rock music, does not like girls. He is the coolest robot in the world. 8 Boy Russia
035 He eats trash. 10 Boy USA
036 My robot's name is Cherry Valentine. She loves climbing trees & eating candy. She loves Valentine's day. She eats cereal for breakfest. She especially loves things that start with the letter "C." Did I mention she loves swimming & shopping? She also is the best at doing my homework. 11 Girl USA
039 She is kind and tender. She can play, talk, sing, dance, clean, and walk. She lives in Tomsk. She is hardworking. She loves to dance and sing. 10 Boy Russia
043 This robot treats children teeth. We know that this is problematic to treat children teeth, and this robot is good and does not hurt their teeth. He should be everywhere! He gives children a tasty medicine - and their teeth are cured! 10 Girl Russia
044 This is a friendly, round robot. Its height can adjust from 1 foot to 5 feet. You can command it to present a large, complex hologram to simulate anywhere from Hogwarts to Mars. It is made of light weight materials so it is easily portable. 11 Girl USA
045 My robot can design anything. It designs clothes, gold, silver, and money. 11 Girl USA
047 It does all the chores and gives your mom a rest. It understands humans but has no emotions. It does homework and takes your stuff back when your brother grabs it. 10 Girl USA
048 This robot can be masked and hypnotize the enemy. There is a sensor on the head, which helps the robot to determine the direction of the enemy. He lives in a tree. He is good. He is used for military purposes. And most importantly, he is able to crawl and swim. 10 Boy Russia
050 This robot is almost human-like. It can walk and train your pets. This robot can live in any indoor building with your pets. This robot is programmed with lessons that can adjust to your pet's needs. This robot can also take care of your pet(s). It is about the size of the average adult human. 11 Girl USA
051 This robot is extraordinary. He can spread his fingers. He lives in the garage. I would like it if he moved on wheels. 8 Boy Russia
052 The Cutie shows you only the most cute, heart-warming pictures of cute animals, babies or anything else you're into. Cutie will continuously show you cute, beautiful pictures! 11 Girl USA
058 He is a boy. He can shoot fire and run and make toys from nothing. He does not break and makes weapons out of himself. He can become a car. 8 Boy Russia
059 My robot can do anything. It is a human person but better! It does anythig you tell her to do and she does it the best. And she cooks and buys stuff plus she can turn into a real person and then turn into you so you don't have to go to school or do homework! 11 Girl USA
065 This robot likes really cozy places. This robot can cheer anyone up and do chores. This robot lives on a pillow. It is like a friend. It has Wifi. 10 Girl USA
067 This amphibious robot helps around the house and swims. They live in the sea and at home. They knows how to run, jump, talk, swim, and bring the ball. 7 Girl Russia
069 My robot's name is Candy Fandy Landy. My robot is friendly. She does whatever you say, especially candy. She makes any kind of candy you want and other sweets. 10 Girl USA
074 My robot, funny, and brave. He can laugh and have fun, smile, be sad and glad. He lives in Tomsk. He has blue eyes and his body is red-blue. 10 Girl Russia
076 He is very small and he likes to eat paper. He has a printing press inside so he makes money. He follows me around all the time. He also makes music. He also has Wi-Fi and phone service. 10 Boy USA
078 It is nice and sounds human. It looks human. It feels emotions. It is smart like a friend. It listens to people. It has freedom, but is helpful. It cleans. It is a cool guy. 10 Boy USA
080 My robot likes to read. He likes strawberry icecream. He likes to cook. He is short. He likes to pick apples and he is a sloppy eater. He likes to use his imagination. His favorite drink is seawater. His hair is seaweed. 8 Girl USA
083 Manny is a clever robot. He can do everything. He is the best football quarterback. He's the best robot in the world!! He goes infinity miles per hour. 8 Boy USA
085 My robot's name is Max. He loves to dance in the street. He lives in America. He flew to me from America. I taught him to dance and learn, and he is very beautiful. He's 5 years old. 8 Girl Russia
089 This robot is very kind and good. He can dance, talk, and guard. He lives in a treehouse. 9 Boy Russia
090 It has a screen. It recognizes you. Your use it for entertainment. It's like a dog and protects you. It's waterproof. It has thin walls. It was stronger than a full-grown human. It can carry things and play. It has internet. It can call people's phones. 9 Boy USA
091 Katrina (abbreviated Kat) is a home robot helper and counselor. She can work at home, whatever you tell her to do. Kat is a robot artist who knows how to draw. She obeys all commands and she has to live alongside people. Her ears are like cat ears. This is an indispensable robot. 10 Girl Russia
093 I want a platypus robot. He's friendly and will play with you. USA
094 My robot is nice and helpful. If someone is dying, then he brings them to the hospital. 10 Boy USA
095 He shoots balls and throws needles. He lies in a circle and sleeps. He is charged by the sun and can fly and swim. He is very smart and he's at my home. 8 Boy Russia
097 He's kind. The robot can make iron weapons and fix cars. He lives in his house. He has iron armor and is 2 meters and 400 centimeters tall. He determines good and evil in his head. He judges peoples' souls. If a person is a good then the robot pats them on the head, and if the person is bad then the robot kills them or sends them to prison. 9 Boy Russia
099 It is nice, funny, playful, usually quiet, and helpful. It has good comebacks and can fly and swim and walk. It can throw snowballs at the speed of light and is waterproof and very smart and has a swiss army knife. 10 Boy USA
100 My robot is a girl that loves to talk and play. You can use her storage space as a diary keeper. She comes in many colors. She has voices that respond to anything. This robot is also great at video games. 9 Girl USA
101 This is my robot nanny. She sometimes understands fashion, and she cleans up after everyone. Of course she can dance, sing, and play. And she's very friendly. 10 Girl Russia
104 My robot can change from boy to girl. It depends on the gender. The boy (or girl) robot can do chores for you. 11 Girl USA
107 This is a robot assistant. He can clean up and fly to school. He is a boy. He has no legs but he can fly. He can also still juggle and can produce fire. He can fight and withstand heavy loads and he is completely safe. 10 Boy Russia
108 The B-bot is a combanation inbetween a super smart computer and my aunt's and my cousins' robot. It is basicaly a robot dog with a claw that comes out of its back. It can store things like books in a compartment. It is also programed to be a best friend. 11 Girl USA
109 He is nice, peaceful, and helps with household chores. He can help make repairs and lives in Russia. Mirbeau loves making repairs. He loves doing good. 10 Boy Russia
110 It burns homework for free time. Also it can cook for me. 11 Girl USA
111 It's dangerous and evil and helps armies. USA
115 This is a robot clown. He amuses children in the circus. He knows tricks. Renbol lives in the circus in Tomsk. The screen located in his stomach shows his mood or what different movements he would do. 9 Girl Russia
119 Fly-cam is used to collect data about animals for scientists without attracting the attention of the animals. 10 Boy USA
120 My robot is kind, friendly, and strong. My robot will be used to save people and will help people who are disabled. 11 Boy USA
124 She talks. She lives in the house. She is able to sleep, play, dance, sing, draw, and write and read. 7 Girl Russia
129 He can kill the enemy in 3 seconds. He lives with me. He likes to make weapons. 10 Boy Russia
131 She is floral and waters flowers. She plays in the flower meadow. She's very funny and she knows how to play hide and seek. She is able to talk. 7 Girl Russia
132 Kit is a playful, fun robot that loves animals. She is 9. She has wings that pop out. She never helps mean people. 8 Girl USA
136 The robot is kind and caring. It can dance and is at home. 8 Girl Russia
138 She is kind, plays, dances around the house, moves her hands and feet, talks, and plays the piano. 8 Girl Russia
143 He is 1) kind, 2) works in the store, 3) lives at [address omitted], entrance 1, 4) is good, beautiful, and independent. He loves to play, he is 7 years old, and he loves us. 8 Girl Russia
145 It can do tricks like skateboard and parkour. Boy Denmark
146 It can play soccer 8 Boy Denmark
147 It can clean.It can vacuum clean.It is self-driving. 8 Boy Denmark
148 It makes fire and can carry heavy things. 8 Boy Denmark
149 He can play soccer and can listen to music. He can never die in his magic clothes. The clothes are made of metal. 10 Boy Denmark
150 It can play soccer, it can play, it can play music, and it can sleep. 10 Boy Denmark
151 He has a long neck and can push a card inside. He has flags in his hands and a sword. 8 Boy Denmark
152 It can kill people. Denmark
153 It can kill zombies. It can walk. It has a house and a room, a couch, a TV, and a kitchen. 10 Boy Denmark
154 My robot can make a long or short neck. It can shut itself down when it needs to sleep. It is cute, wants to be friends and never dies. 8 Boy Denmark
156 My robot can transform into a human. 7 Boy Germany
157 It plays soccer and can score 100 goals. 7 Boy Germany
158 It build houses, gives me lemonade and popcorn, puts me to bed, and talks to me. 8 Boy Germany
159 It can do "tractor pulling," build houses and garages, and can do fieldwork on its own. 7 Boy Germany
160 My robots can take out the trash. 7 Boy Germany
161 It can print, scan, copy, create books, and take over work. 7 Boy Germany
162 It can play soccer, dance, write, and talk. 7 Girl Germany
163 It can print and breathe under water. 6 Boy Germany
164 This is allrounder, he is never broken. If you give him a clap on the shoulder, he drives to me and does everything. 7 Girl Germany
165 There is a flash and it can do super things. 7 Girl Germany
166 He can play soccer really well. He has already scored 100 goals. 7 Girl Germany
167 He can vacuum, clean, fly, and he can bring something to drink. 7 Boy Germany
169 13 Boy Tanzania
170 10 Boy Tanzania
171 10 Boy Tanzania
172 13 Boy Tanzania
173 11 Boy Tanzania
174 12 Boy Tanzania
175 12 Boy Tanzania
176 12 Boy Tanzania
177 13 Girl Tanzania
178 10 Girl Tanzania
179 11 Girl Tanzania
180 6 Girl Tanzania
181 11 Girl Tanzania
182 12 Girl Tanzania
183 11 Girl Tanzania
184 The robot is carrying fish boxes that are going on ships on their way to other countries. 7 Boy Denmark
185 A robot that is fishing for you when you don't want to [fish] because it rains. Inspired by [name omitted]'s fishing trip with her father, which she didn't want to do because it was raining. But, she caught the biggest fish, got a soda pop and went to a restaurant afterwards. 10 Girl Denmark
186 A robot that walks the dog, because its owner is unable to walk. 10 Girl Denmark
187 A war robot. 10 Boy Denmark
188 A wrestler-donkey robot. When you ride it you fall through a black hole. First [you fall] down into the orange country, then the black hole, then the orange country again, and then poo (the brown part) and then you're dead. 11 Boy Denmark
189 A robot that can play games, if you're an only child. It plays chess. [Child name] has drawn it because she feels sorry for only children who have no one to play with. She has three siblings and thinks it must be sad to be an only child. 10 Girl Denmark
190 A heart robot that helps when you're ill. It also bakes cookies; in fact, it does everything as long as you say it kindly. A love robot. 9 Girl Denmark
191 A psychologist robot. A robot that helps solve problems by talking. 9 Girl Denmark
192 A pet robot for elderly people. Paro from the exhibition. 7 Girl Denmark
193 Girl Denmark
194 14 Boy Denmark
195 A skipping robot. You can see the wires inside it. 14 Girl Denmark
196 A substitute teacher robot. When a teacher is ill, you can use the substitute robot. Then the other teachers do not have to use their breaks. 11 Girl Denmark
197 It plays soccer and scores many goals. Its name is Bob. 11 Boy Denmark
198 It is a robot cow. It produces twice as much milk as a living cow. It does not fart, so it does not emit CO2. It makes it an eco-friendly cow. 11 Boy Denmark
199 It is a memory robot for elderly people, who cannot remember that well any longer. The memory is at the top and the black is writing. If the elderly person cannot hear, they can read instead. The robot is inspired by [name omitted]'s grandmother who does not remember that well any longer, so it is difficult for her to remeber who [name omitted] is. 11 Girl Denmark
200 My robot can draw and paint. 10 Boy Denmark
201 A friendship robot. If you are being bullied and have no friends, then you can have a robot as your friend. I have many friends, but when you see someone walk around alone, it could be a good idea to have a robot. 11 Girl Denmark
202 It is a robot that protects human beings. It has a defense shelter in its stomach in which it can hide/protect up to 20 persons. It can also shoot to defend. It has in-built light in its head. 11 Boy Denmark
203 A gangster robot that can kill people. 9 Boy Denmark