We believe that things designed for children should be designed with children.

Founded in 2014, by Harvard and MIT researchers, the mission of the Center for Children's Speculative Design (C4CSD) is to promote the scholarly study, documentation and active involvement of children's ideas in the design process of alternate futures.  

Our non-profit organization is run by international volunteers who are passionate about facilitating interactions between child and adult designers interested in each other's unique perspectives.  Our growing collective brings together children, artists, designers, scholars and educational researchers to explore "what if...?" scenarios and celebrate children's imaginations, one of humanity's most precious assets.

Our research framework is inspired but not limited by contemporary speculative design and ideation processes and submits itself to an expanding array of analysis capabilities.  Using a mixed-methods approach, the Center provides both quantitative and qualitative tools to enable practitioners to explore speculative designs through an ethical, child-centered lens.